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Just bought ur book, Steve......KaithP left a GREAT comment, she was on the money.

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Good discussion - wish my discussions with siblings and others would not end up like this instead of with them screaming at me "I hate you!". BUT...I don't think the Fetterman lack of coverage was a pure missed thing by the press that Brian seems to think. I live in PA and I was slammed on "social" media for saying why can't he wait until the next election and why doesn't his wife care about him - I was slammed for being anti-Democrat or whatever. And it was obvious the Dem machine wanted that and obviously pressured them behind the scenes. After all, calling his dressing as the new cool way to dress after he won? I mean, really? We always complained he looked like a royal mess. Anyway, regarding his wife... my husband has been sick twice with cancer and I never pushed him to do things that are difficult or that he wished he could do at the time. I feel bad for him. I think Brian in that case is way off base. It was a darn coverup even if it was not planned - it was by a biased group of individuals who don't think they are biased. And I do prefer LOCAL press which tends to have more coverage in all directions and news I care about..., or FOX because FOX shows more diverse stories than the other outlets which just echo each other - although you can see FOX also has bias. Brian saying CNN is a "target of mockery" by FOX is a joke - how often has CNN done that about FOX? I am just sad that the news in general is so bad and useless. Like the train wreck - darn, I live in SW PA and have well water and know they destroyed that town and yes, the media ignored it for too long if it weren't for FOX and yes, they have some real health concerns and yes, NOW they/EPA are dumping that stuff into fracking water which seeps into other people's wells? OMG. They are just shoving the chems all over the place. No one is covering that too because what happens to a small town isn't as important as California stuff that no one cares about in the sticks where I live. Most appreciated Trump because he knows they exist. Period. Biden snubbed the poor here. I don't want to visit CA and don't care about it although they take over the entire news. Also agree with the comment on counting who is on social media watching what - I always thought that was really stupid. Finally, Brian sounded decent and this gives a better view of him - although I don't agree a lot with his stance. He does think things through as he sees things. Appreciate this. Oh, and the comment Brian made about Trump going after the press - sortof but wow look at Obama who was over the top.

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