You hit on something I've seen, also. I've seen conservatives blast the show for being woke and progressives blast it for being the opposite. They must be doing something right. I enjoy the show and am anxious for the next season. The show is a Western thriller and a soap opera all rolled into one, and the brawl between Beth and Summer was one of my favorite scenes. Total opposites beat the hell out of each other and come out being a little more respectful of each other. There have been a number of characters who have evolved over the seasons in their thoughts and actions, showing more understanding of those they thought only of as enemies. People would be better off if they'd just enjoy the show for its entertainment value and not weigh it against their political preferences. I also think the two offshoots of the show, 1883 and 1923, are lacking in comparison. 1883 makes huge, abrubt changes in the story line in order to make social statements and 1923, though well acted, drags horribly in getting on with its story.

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