Jan 23 • 43M

Joe Flint | Flyover Bias, Amazon's Media Strategy, State of Media Reporting

The 2023 return of The Fourth Watch Podcast

<p>The Fourth Watch Podcast is a curated conversation with some of the most interesting voices in the media, hosted by Steve Krakauer. In addition to interviews, it features&nbsp;honest analysis and criticism of the media landscape. Find out more at FourthWatch.Media.</p>
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The Fourth Watch Podcast is back in 2023, and back to a regular cadence, twice a month - curated conversations with some of the most interesting members of the media.

In this episode 37, I’m joined by Joe Flint, Wall Street Journal media reporter, to discuss the state of the media industry in 2023, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, News Corp, "flyover bias," the …

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